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South Africa’s best-loved design, decor and lifestyle brand

Neighbourhood Listings has been South Africa’s authority on stylish living for the past 21 years. Spotting new talent and promoting innovation are key to the brand.

Always current, on trend and packed with inspiration, Neighbourhood Listings is the first stop for a broad and diverse audience in search of an expert, curated take on the places to be seen at, the creative names to be watching, and the latest directions in decor and design to be noting, both locally and globally. Home is the heart of Neighbourhood Listings. Combining the expertise of a team of top stylists, photographers and journalists, the brand presents a diverse and beautiful selection of houses from throughout South Africa – which represent the HL tagline, ‘The Pleasure of Living Here Now’. From the monthly print and digital editions, to social media platforms and an informative, interactive website, HL keeps its discerning, pleasure-seeking audience inspired and engaged. Interested in design trends, decor advice, ideas for renovations, mouth-watering food and recipes, news on wine, craft and premium drinks, local and international travel, and good living in general? Join the conversation now! Receive weekly doses of inspiration, eye candy and ideas with the Neighbourhood Listings weekly.

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